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critical essay

Critical Essay Writing Guide For Students

Is this your first time writing a critical essay? You’ve never heard about such an essay? Don’t worry! We are here to help you with everything you need. Just by reading this blog post, you will know exactly what to do to complete this rather difficult assignment in the shortest time possible. Remember, if you want to learn how to write a critical essay, you need to learn how to find some good examples and how to find some excellent topics. Also, you’ll need to know the best structure for a critical reflection essay and the basic steps you need to take to write the paper. So just read on!

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immigration essay

Comprehensive Guide on How to Write an Immigration Essay

Several reasons have facilitated the ever-increasing immigration of people. Population pressure and scarcity of resources have are the major contributing factors. Immigration has become a subject of contention and hardly will it miss in the news.

Scholars have, therefore, integrated this theme of immigration into their research. Schools for both lower grade and college students have also embraced this niche. Were it not so; we wouldn’t have been discussing it here.

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persuasive essay topics

100 Best Persuasive Essay Topics For Students

Argumentative or persuasive writing is among the most common forms of scholarly work one can find in academia. It’s easy to attempt and argument or persuasion on a given topic. It’s basically something most people do on a daily basis. The trouble is coming up with good debate topics. We’ve compiled a list of excellent essay prompts given to us by students and teachers and have modified them from difficult to easy persuasive speech topics for your convenience:

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argumentative essay outline

Argumentative Essay Outline: Writing Tips For Students

One of the things most high school and college students hate to do is essay writing, which is as a result of the complex and technical issues associated with writing a highly effective essay. The worst of it all is when you have to write an argumentative essay. Writing an argumentative essay needs a lot of critical thinking and analysis. To come up with a convincing argumentative essay, you will need an effective and persuasive argumentative essay outline. Having looked at the challenges associated with it, we are going to give you the best techniques on how to write an argumentative essay.

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fail essay

Great Essay About Failure – Secrets Of Writing

People fail at some point. We all do. But this is an important part of life. While the definition of failure is the “lack of success to something such as an enterprise, or deficient in a desirable quality,” it is not always correct. One of the old sayings, “failure is the path to success,” still holds true even in the current world. Failure should not be considered a means to an end or tagged with permanence. It means missing a target, like in a darts game, but it does not prevent you from trying again. Therefore, when you are faced with the task of writing an essay on failure, how do you go about it? Here is a complete guide on how to write the best essay on failure.

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funny debate topics

Funny Debate Topics: Take An Original Approach Writing Them!

Do you want to send your audience into a frenzy in the forthcoming debate? If so, you better learn how to craft the best titles. In most cases, debates are about serious issues such as global warming and emerging epidemics, among other topics. But when it comes to picking funny debate topics, it can be tricky. To help you get started, we are going to list the top 50 funny controversial topics.

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