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What is a tutor? Wikipedia defines a tutor as "a qualified and knowledgeable professional who provides tuition, guidance, instruction, and educational support to students." In other words what a tutor does is provide the tools or expertise that a student needs in order to learn and improve their performance in specific areas of study such as mathematics, reading, writing, science, and so forth. A tutor may be a former teacher or hold other academic qualifications and is trained and experienced to provide tutoring services. What is a tutor doing? Generally speaking, tutoring occurs in schools, colleges and universities, or when offered through the services of private tutoring agencies. Maybe, you won't ask him "write my essay", but you can ask him to help with understanding a particular subject. Tutoring is professional academic tutoring provided by a qualified master educator; someone who has a deep understanding or specialized experience in a specific field or group of subjects. Typically tutors are recruited from within the subject area in order to provide the most current and applicable educational knowledge and training to students who may be having difficulty in particular areas. A tutor, either formally known as an academic or former teacher, is someone who gives tutoring assistance or tutelage to a student or group of students. What is a tutor's role? The tutor's role is to develop students' academic and behavioral skills, and assist in decision-making and problem solving. The tutor should also have a sound understanding of and an interest in the particular subject taught by the students. It is the job of the tutor to make sure that all areas of learning are covered. This involves regular feedback to ensure that the students are progressing towards their educational goals.